Monday, March 05, 2007

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Happy March! As usual time is streaking by and I am caught unawares. I had better get to work on the in-laws secret project. I accumulated two more yards of fabric for it which I am not sure about but The Husband (who is an artist, partially color-blind though he may be, so he does have some sense of matching and such) says "They're fine, dear." in that husbandly way that lets you know you'd better stop asking.

We're getting ready to put our house on the market and, as usual when cleaning and organizing are involved, I am simultaneously feeling stressed, overwhelmed, energized (odd, I know), and ready for it to end.

On the crafty front - I finished the top from the class hand-piecing class I took. I am thinking that I might try to machine quilt it. I feel a little bad about that since I spent so much time carefully hand piecing it. However it is not of a size that will do me any good and so I have little incentive to finish it except the feeling of finality that comes with finishing. So I thought I might try to machine quilt it, so that it could serve the dual purpose of learning two new things. Am I way off base?

Also this past weekend I went to one of those places where you assemble and freeze a bunch of dinners ahead of time. I cannot even begin to describe how super-awesome it was. No trips to the grocery store, no chopping, washing, slicing, browning, etc, and NO CLEANUP! It doesn't get better than that, folks. I made six awesome-looking dishes (which I split 5 of them so I'll have 11 meals) for 109. Visit Simply Done Dinners to do the same for yourself. I actually received this as a gift certificate for Christmas. I have to admit to being a tad disappointed when I got it because I'd much rather spend gift money on quilty things. But wait! There is a hidden advantage. Now I won't have to make 11 meals...I've been given time to quilt! Heavenly!~


  1. I'd say machine quilt the piece, and make it an all-around learning experience!

  2. More time for crafting . . . sounds like I need to get down to one of those dinner prep places myself with the baby coming and me fallign behind on the baby's labor socks! My pregnancy group is scheduled to do a dinner prep later this month if I can drag my big prego but into the shop. Enjoy your dinners!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Keep checking back, the first release of fabrics will be in August and I will post the info on my blog.

    Can't wait to look through your site.