Saturday, February 24, 2007

First Resolution Conquered!

I know it's been awhile since I last posted. It's been a hectic few weeks, what with some blizzard-like weather, the flu whipping through the house, crafty classes and our favorite shows coming back from hiatus. (Those shows would be: Survivor, Lost, The Office, and My Name is Earl.)

Here's the news though: I finished The Girl's coat today! I showed it to her and asked her if it was pretty and she said, "It's bootiful." Hopefully she wears it!

Also, I am taking the second-level hand-piecing class at the local quilt shop. This is the result of the first class:

The pattern turned out to be a wee bit smaller than the other blocks for the class. That's why there is a white border.

And here is week two:

For some reason in class I really struggled with the curves. Once I got it home I suddenly was able to handle it. Go figure.

And my favorite, from week 3:

Next week we'll be finishing up class with a bit of applique and I think we'll also combine all four blocks into a small sampler. You might think the splash of blue makes no sense as it doesn't seem to match any of the other fabrics. Never fear--the setting blocks have that color in it.


  1. The girl's coat is bootiful. Nice job. What makes curves so hard?

  2. Ooooh! I like # 3 also! Excellent work!

  3. The curves don't appear to match when you sew them together. Imagine cutting a curve from a piece of paper and then laying the two fronts together. The outside curve doesn't lay against the inside curve.