Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Primal urges

Ok, so I have no progress to report. I am really sad about this, as I have an almost constant urge to sew at the moment. I am so far resisting the siren call of the fabric store. Though I did start working on a dress that I'm making for The Girl. I took the dress I bought for her for Easter which is super-simple and tried to draft a pattern from it. We'll see how it turns out.

If it ever turns out.

And still all I've managed for the Round Robin/Block Exchange is washing two of my fabrics. I haven't even ironed it. I so do not want to be the loser that holds up the exchange, so I better get my behind in gear.

Also, I was quite surprised to receive a nice little postcard in the mail from my Secret Sister this week. No, not the one that buys me stuff...the one that I buy stuff for. Wait, you might say. She is not supposed to know who I am! But she apparently does. Am I that transparent? Hmm.


  1. i hope the postcard wasn't list of things for you to buy her, ha!

  2. What is all this about a secret sister? How do you get one?

    Not that I need to trade mine in or anything, she did help me quite a bit these past couple of weeks with the baby, so I don't think will give her up.

  3. I got my secret sister at my local quilt shop, where I go once a month for a quilting session. Everyone in the group fills in a worksheet about likes and dislikes, colors in your house, birthdays, etc. and then the sheets get secretly exchanged and you give little gifties to the person that you drew. It's been a lot of fun. I got a really cute pincushion and some lovely fabric from my ss. Trouble is, The Girl immediately took possession of the pincushion. I will have to hunt it down.