Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tinkerbelle Lives!

I've finished the Tinkerbelle costume! Hurray. Only thing is, The Girl doesn't want to put it on. Hmm. This could be a problem.

I bought fabric yesterday to start The Boy's Peter Pan costume. He is very excited. Unfortunately I still don't have a pattern for it, though, so I'll be winging it. Hopefully it doesn't turn out lame.

In other news, I went a little nutzo on eBay this past week. More news on that later. For now, here's a picture of Tink:

And a close-up of the zipper, since I'm proud it turned out semi-respectable:


  1. This is way better than my plastic costume from the year I wen as Tink and my sister went as Princess Leia. If I were a tyke I'd wear it in a heartbeat. In fact, could you make one in my size? I'll just wear it around the house... I don't want to look crazy!

  2. Beautiful costume! Good work!

    What did you buy on Ebay? Do tell!

  3. Great costume! I'm sure she will eventually agree to wear it.

  4. It's ADORABLE!!! :) Can't wait to see a picture of your "Tinkerbell" if you get her in it.....and Peter Pan!!! :) Just tooo cute!