Sunday, October 15, 2006

Peter Pan & eBay

Well, the Peter Pan costume is finished. Unfortunately I have not yet taken any photos, but I assure you The Boy is thrilled. He even loves the somewhat wonky and a tad-too-tight hat.

The other day I went a little crazy on eBay and bought some vintage patterns. First was a dress that I loved but I'll probably look like a dork in:

The second was a lot of thirty little girl patterns. I figure this can keep me pretty busy with The Girl for awhile:

I know. I have a problem.


  1. Ah, but if it's a problem, it's a GOOD problem!! LOL And I LOVE that dress! Gorgeous style!

  2. That's funny! That dress pattern looks similar to ones I forced my mom to put in a garage sale. I told her if she wasn't making the pattern, she should get rid of it. You know, that whole de-clutter thing.

    Which reminds me, I need to find out how to donate clothing to Good Will. Now that I'm down 94lbs, I have an entire wardrobe of clothing 6 sizes too big, to clear out.

  3. If you need any more girl patterns to feed your addiction I got a bunch in a box from my local thrift store and won't use them. We could work out some kind of swap.

  4. Yes, I am the Jenn who was in the boot and am now in an air cast thank goodness. I am going to get together some details this weekend and post them on my blog. I will definitely post many pictures from Houston IQF when I get them. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.