Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quilt Guild night

Just wanted to report that against usual rules, I went to the quilt guild meeting on Thursday night. (Yes, Survivor night.) Unfortunately I did not stay for the whole meeting, but I did see the sponsored speakers. They invited Faye and Merie Pitts to speak about their quilting career. They are a couple that works in tandem to create prize-winning quilts. He designs, cuts, pieces, and then marks the quilts, and she quilts them. They've even won best of show at Paducah. Holy cow. They passed around a lot of lovely quilts and it was really interesting. I guess worth missing most of Survivor, though I hear the challenge at the beginning was pretty awesome. I wish I had a picture to post from the meeting but I didn't take any and I can't find any website that Faye and Merie have. So anyways, that was pretty cool. I heard my first quilt speakers.

Oh, and my last hand-piecing class is tomorrow night. I think my class project is going to become a doll blanket for the kids. That is really the only thing it would be suitable for. It's little-girl pink and mint green, with a touch of baby blue. Not colors I would normally pick--I had it from the anniversary meeting of the quilter's night group.

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