Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Packages for me

When I got home yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to discover not one but three packages for me! Woohoo!

Package 1) The Girl's coat fabric has arrived. I love it. I hope it turns out right.

Package 2) Mail order from Angry Chicken. This was not as glorious as I had expected but I must admit it was very professionally done.

Package 3) Partylite! A friend of mine had a candle party a few weeks back and my order is in. Ginger Pumpkin, though ist the scent of October.

In other news, I broke out the sewing machine and started on the Tinkerbelle costume. The sewing machine is sewing like a dream, though the needle must not be the right type for the fabric because it is making sort of a tick-tick sound as it punctures the fabric. I stayed up too late working on it, and knowing that it was late I started to rush, and thus I have a seam to rip out later on tonight.

Sorry, no picture today. I can't do pictures from the lunchtime post. :(

1 comment:

  1. Party Lite! Oh no! Those candle parties are the devil! I've got so much stuff from them, and yet I still want more! What is it about candles that sucker us into buying them?