Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rehash of 2006 Crafty Conquests

Another year is behind us, so it's time to look back and see what I accomplished. Here is the list, in no particular order. Sorry there aren't pictures, you know I'm too lazy for that.

  • Crocheted purse

  • Knitted Sweater

  • Jumper dress for The Girl

  • Tinkerbell Costume

  • Peter Pan Costume

  • Blisswork Nap Quilt

  • Table Cloth & runner for my sister

  • Reupholstered two chair seat cushions

And now it's time for some forward thought. Here are some goals for the current year:

  • Actually sew the curtain for the kitchen

  • Actually sew the winter coat for The Girl

  • Complete quilting and bind The Girl's quilt

  • Complete a quilt top for The Boy

  • Complete a quilt for the in-law's 40th anniversary

  • Complete one quilt (could be one of those above) to enter in a show

I don't think my skills are yet show quality but I still want to enter one. Just to see it in a show, I guess, and see how the process goes.


  1. What an impressive and diverse list of "CO's" (completed objects)! Congratulations!

    I have found that the list of "UFO's" (unfinished objects) and planned projects tends to be its own growing animal at times.

    However I notice there are no knitting projects on the 2007 list - hmmm we will have to change that :-) Not that I want to add to your list but as a confessed yarn fiber junkie I can't be held responsible for attempting to spread the joys of knitting.

  2. Wow. You put my crafting to shame. I only got 2 craft projects done in 2006. I completed my Asian pagoda picture for myself...but it's still not been washed, mounted, or framed. And I finished the cross-stitched ornaments for the BF's grandma. Those were done and given as Christmas gifts. :(

    Sigh. I've got 1 cross-stitch pattern under way. Still. From last year. Remember that scrapbook I was going to do of pictures from our other friend's bridal shower...from 6 years ago??? Yeah. Not done. I'm doomed.