Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crafty Progress

Yes, I've made progress! And don't fall out of your chair, but I have photos.

Without further ado, the crafty accomplishments:

The Boy's third Ohio Star block is complete. I am not crazy about the color. It's too piney. I picked this print because he refers to all coniferous trees as "Christmas Trees", which of course I find adorable. In case you can't tell, the tiny white dots on the green fabric are little pine trees.

I also finally finished the little mini-quilt I made in a class last year. It is just a nine patch and isn't all that impressive but I gave it to The Girl to use as a doll blanket. She immediately declared it a puppy blanket, and here it is gracing one of her favorite puppies:

And here is a top view:

And the really big super-wow news...I finished quilting The Girl's quilt. Woohoo! This is me rounding the final corner:

And the folded quilt in all it's glory on the couch:

I am a little scared to bind it. The pink stripes extend out further than the white so there will be a lot of corners. But I bet when I'm done I will have finally mastered binding!


  1. Woo whoo!!! You go girl! Excellent craft progress! You must share your secret for getting stuff done, because I need to start my mom's Christmas present, and I haven't even bought the fabric!

    For the record...I like the colors in the square for the boy's quilt. Keep in mind, boys aren't all that into bright pastels and stuff like that. It's looking good.

  2. The girls quilt is perfect for puppies and the like. Great job. How long does the binding process take?

  3. Way to go! Congratulations! If only I could get my baby knitting into gear like you have with your quilting projects! I am so envious of all your progress!

  4. Inspirational! I have just got to do the same.