Friday, December 29, 2006

Santa was good to me!

Christmas Recovery is well-underway at our house. Most of the toys have been sprung from their maximum-security packaging and the house is still littered with the contents of Santa's bag. But I did get all the wrapping paper bits thrown out, and many of the boxes recycled.

So, what did Santa (i.e., The Husband) bring me?

Jinny Beyer's book, Quiltmaking by Hand, which can be purchased at her website.

The hilarious movie "Raising Arizona", starring Nicholas Cage

A Nano Ipod - cool. I didn't even ask for that!

A variety of quilt marking pencils, as The Husband didn't know that I meant actual colored pencils when I asked for colored pencils

A watch (which I really needed)

"Wicked" and "Confessions of an evil step sister", both by the same guy but I don't recall his name.

An extra bowl for my KitchenAid mixer

And a new cookie baking sheet (I only had one, which can get pretty tedious).

Quite the haul. I'm already reading Wicked and I think it is good writing but I am so sad for little Febula (sp?). I hope I don't feel this way for the whole book because it is kind of depressing.

I am in the process of formulating a list of 2006's crafty accomplishments. Unfortunately The Girl's quilt will not be one of my conquests, but it will be done soon. I am about 1/3 of the way through quilting the border.

Happy New Year to all!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like santa aka the husband gets a gold star this year!

    My husband still tends to get me electronic items he thinks I will want or need (the things he would want).

    Where did your husband take his "Gift giving for spouses" class? I need to sign mine up :-)