Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cool Magazines

The other day my Grandma gave me an armful of quilting magazines that she saved from the eighties. I have one thing to say: awesome. It's been really fun looking through them, though I have to say, desktop publishing must have done a lot for the magazine business. Today's magazine equivalents are so much more professional looking and...I think the word I'm looking for is glossy.

This is my favorite cover:

In case you can't read it, it's "Quilting Today: The International Quilt Magazine", issue #16 from Dec 1989. It is the newest magazine she gave me, the rest really are from the eighties, not the last lingering breath of it.

I did a quick search and sadly it seems Quilting Today no longer exists. It merged with another magazine called Traditional Quiltworks and sometime last year went under.

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  1. Here's a niche looking to be filled... you can create the content and your husband can give it a "glossy" look. Perfect.