Monday, September 18, 2006

Me and my sewing machine

I dropped my sewing machine off for it's very first tune-up today. It's a little overdue since the machine is eleven years old. My parents gave it to me for my twenty-first birthday. I know, a little odd. Aren't most twenty-one year olds more interested in having their first legal booze? I was thrilled to get it, though. It is a White brand sewing machine. I forget the model. It does the basic stuff, and sometimes it is tempermental. But it has sewn a lot of stuff, including a wedding quilt for The Husband, a baby quilt for The Boy, a half-dozen Halloween costumes or so and a baptism gown for The Girl. Not to mention the latest quilt conquests.

So good luck, little sewing machine. You've been trusty most of the time. Come back home with a sprightly step. Err, stitch.

And to keep with the picture goal, here is an awesome school bus The Boy cut out and embellished all by himself.

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