Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Insane quilting update #6 & some nature stuff

I have a total of 4 squares that still require the loopy quilting. (See the template photo, shown in Insane quilting update #5. That is the "loopy quilting" template Then I think I am going to quilt the cherry squares. I think I'll create a small template that is 1/4 inch smaller than the center square. Then I will alternate the placement of the template so that in some squares, the template simply echoes the shape of the fabric square, and in other squares, the template will be set like a diamond inside the fabric square. There are only 12 of those squares and since the lines will be straight and won't hit any seams it should go faster than the loopy quilting. Then all that is left in terms of quilting is to think of some creative way to quilt the border. I'm thinking maybe a casual meander, but maybe not. It could take a lot of time, and there is a potential pitfall of quilting myself into a corner. Hmm.

In other news, I've recently started trying products around the house that are more environmentally friendly. So in the spirit of sharing, here's a review of some.

I tried two bottles of Seventh Generation liquid laundry soap. I'm not too keen on it. It left a lot of stains on stuff. Granted, when I used Tide, occasionally a stain would make it through also. But it seemed the proportion of stains left was much greater. And if our clothes come out ruined and I have to throw them out or replace them even after re-washing, how have I saved the environment? Also, I do not like products with packaging that seeks to trick the consumer. The bottom of the bottle seems to be weighted somehow, so that I think there is a lot more left in the bottle than there really is. So I'm thinking, hey, I've got like six more loads, and really there is only one. I'm using up the second bottle now (it only gets used on sheets and towels now--I don't like it but I'm not going to waste it) and I just noticed again yesterday that there is actually a lot less in the bottle than I think there is based on the heft of the package. Oh, and to be fair in the Tide vs. SG battle, I try to pretreat all stains with an oxyclean-type spray product. It was stains that I missed that of course suffered the most. I also tried Seventh Generation paper towels, and wasn't too thrilled with those, either. I prefer to use the kind where you can choose the size of the towel. I think it makes for a lot less waste, plus the brand I've been buying (which I don't recall at the moment, either Bounty or Brawny) absorbs a whole heck of a lot better.

Then it was on to Seventh Generation spray household cleaner. It cleaned well. Not much in the way of a "clean" scent but it worked. I especially liked it in the kitchen because I didn't feel like I was spraying potentially poisonous stuff around our food. However I probably won't buy it again due to the price.

Last but not least, I tried Seventh Generation TP. I continue to buy it, though the small size of the roll is annoying since I am the only one that ever remembers to change the roll, and thus I am the most likely person to be left sitting on the pot with a wet bottom.

So. In summary: while I agree with the Seventh Generation goal of being earth-friendly, I am not real impressed with their products. Especially since their products are markedly more expensive than "regular" consumer items, and don't seem to work as well in some cases.


  1. Why is it women only see the empty tp holder? I've brought up this with my man, but he acts like I'm crazy to list this as a pet peeve. If I bug him, he'll do it once. I've found he's actaully training me to look for the rogue tp roll he's left out. Like a terrible game of Where's Waldo.

  2. Zegi, Logoann...I'm still trying to figure out why it's so hard for my guy to pee IN the toilet, FLUSH the toilet, or close the LID when he's done. My week attempt at pointing out it was bad Feng Shui to leave the lid up, didn't go over well. I'm thinking of programming some device for the doorknob, that would administer an electric shock to him, if he'd forgotten any of these items.