Saturday, April 29, 2006

No, not the gauge!!!

So I started knitting my mom's mother's day gift today. Yesterday I bought a nice set of size 15 bamboo needles & Thursday I bought the yarn (a lovely Iceland wool that will be knitted together with a cotton/silk blend). So I'm all set. I start with step 1. The Evil Step. The Gauge.

It's off. The gauge swatch, I mean. I need bigger needles. And I'm here alone with The Kids. They are sleeping, so I have to wait for them to get up. But we must go to the craft store for the bigger needles today because needles were on sale 40% off...yesterday and today only. I hate taking the kids to the craft store, though. The carts are too small to get them in and there are many many things to grab and break. Plus enticing kiddie-like stuff, too. But I must begin the project today. It is imperative! So to the craft store the kids get dragged. Sigh.

I guess doing the gauge at least gave me some practice. So. Anyway. What burns me up the most about it is I just got back from the craft store (which, btw, The Boy innocently calls the 'Crap Store'--that is literally what he thinks I am saying) because I needed velcro to adjust The Husband's work costume. Yes, he occasionally dresses as a giant dog for his employer--FREE OF CHARGE. How's that for dedication? So.

Maybe I'll just drop the 'we need to go to the craft store' bomb on him after would be easier if he herded the children.

Anyway, it is a lovely day outside and we bought some flowers to plant in the de-bushed area of our front yard today. I got this idea from work...they plant this huge bed in a random assortment of pretty annuals. At first it looks a little dorky but once the flowers take hold and start growing, I think it looks pretty fabulous. So I want to try it here. Hopefully it works. Wish me luck. Tah!


  1. The Crap Store?! Now THAT's funny. I love The Boy.

  2. I don't know what "gauge" is but I hope you get it to your satisfaction. How much knitting have you done before this?

  3. I think my husband would call it the "crap store" too! Good luck on the guage - it's the bane of knitters everywhere!