Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back to normal?

Well the strange schedule I was on for work has finally expired so maybe I'll be blogging a bit more these days. Hard to tell though because the weather outside is beckoning, so lunch time blogs could be hindered by my urge to see the sun.

Recent things...my mom is in Seattle now, working on building up stem cells to donate to her brother. Send her some positive thought waves if you have a moment.

The dining room floor is finally covered in laminate. All that remains is trim work.

The stove hood has been installed.

I don't think I've finished any quilt squares recently. I have pretty much resigned myself to not making The Girl's birthday deadline. Maybe for Christmas. Tonight is quilt night, though, so I'll probably be finishing up a block for The Boy's quilt. At this rate I may have all the blocks for his ready to go by the time I finish The Girl's quilt.

Besides gearing up for The Boy's birthday party here in a few days, there isn't much more to report. Hope everyone out there is having a nice spring day!


  1. How long will your mom be in Seattle?

  2. I'm sending good vibes to your mom! I hope the Boy's Birthday party went well! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. You'll have to share all the details. I'll come visit and bring presents for the Boy, and the Mom, since I missed your Birthday, as well. :)