Monday, April 28, 2008

Promised Pictures

Hey, every-bud-e! Guess what. I finished the purse. Yes, I know my goal was to finish the baby blanket. We all know how good I am at making and not meeting crafty goals though. I still might make the blanket by the end of the month. Well I might finish the (hand) quilting on it but it will still need a binding.

Without further ado, a photo!

The pocket looks a little cock-eyed in the photo but I think it looked ok on the real thing. I wasn't real happy with how the pocket ended up seam-wise but I got tired of messing with it. I just wanted to finish a project!
And here is The Boy turning 6 the other day. That strange looking cake is a Y-wing fighter from Star Wars. He insisted that he must have this cake. I baked a cake in a 9x11 inch glass baking pan and The Husband cleverly cut it up and assembled it into a passable space ship. The Boy appeared only minorly impressed until guests came to the party and then he was all about his Y-Wing cake. The Husband tried very hard to get him to choose an easier theme, but he just kept saying he would like that kind for a later birthday. He was all the way up to his 12th birthday cake theme before The Husband gave up and decided he must do the Y-Wing. (Which, I don't know if it ever even appears in any of the movies!)

That's The Husband filming in the background and of course The Boy blowing out the candles, and The Girl is in blue next to him.

Here is The Boy and me at Chuck E. Cheese post-ticket frenzy on his first full 6-year-old day. You can also see The Girl's feet there by my hand. He decided that each of them would get a Lik-M-Aid packet, and with the remainder he got 4 mini-Tootsie Pops. The Girl got rubber o-ring bracelets with her remainder. Remember those? Ah, the memories...though I actually hated them as a kid myself. I didn't like them because they were trendy.


  1. Love your fabric choice on the purse! Very cute. Great job!

    Happy Birthday The Boy!!

  2. Hey, Zegi, email me your shipping address! You won my give-away at Quilt Otaku blog! Congrats! - Marisa (my email address is quilt . baby @ hotmail . com but remove the spaces above!)

  3. I love the fabric, too. Know what you mean - sometimes I just NEED a finished project!

    Great birthday cake!