Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And also...

1) I forgot to mention the name of the purse pattern was "Zip it up" by Indygo Junction. I got the pattern and fabric at Fabric.com.

2) I missed two nights of 10 minute quilting. One for Chalicat's bachelorette party (worth the loss) and once because I got too caught up in blogging and then because I am no longer able to stay up late I crashed and went to bed.

3) Yesterday I jogged just a smidge over 3 miles! Hurray! I haven't done that since the Fall. Though tonight it is cold outside and I just don't feel like subjecting myself to the cold anymore after an hour of sitting in it for T-ball.

4) I won a drawing over at Quilt Otaku!!! I guessed correctly that she is having a boy. Congratulations to her, and may she have a wonderful pregnancy with a safe, healthy delivery, and a terrific addition to her family!

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