Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Goals: hit or miss?

I happened to look back and see what my quiltie goals for the year were. It seems I need to finish a quilt top for The Boy and bind The Girl's quilt to make any reasonable claim of having reached the goals. Oops. I guess I could maybe finish The Boy's quilt top. It only needs borders, but I can already tell they are going to turn out wavy. I'm a bit miffed, actually. My project that was supposed to help me practice precision and accuracy came out looking like it came out of a bag of Frito Lays. (Err, wavy chips, that is.)

Above is The Boy's quilt before I got the rows sewn together. Quite bright, no?

So it is back to the drawing board on the accuracy/precision practice. Sigh.

Oh, and in spite of my best efforts I could not resist the rosy fabric. I took it to work and started it last week, I think on the 4th. It is hand-pieced and will take forever, I'm sure. But it isn't interfering with either one of the kids' projects, since I am working on those at home.


  1. I LOVE the colors on the quilt!

    I'm sure your son will absolutely love it. I came to quilting after my kids were older and now wish I had taken it up earlier!

  2. Your boy's quilt is adorable! I love the colors! Don't worry it if is a bit wavy, it will still be treasured.