Monday, April 09, 2007

Round Robin sewing has begun

Well I started sewing my blocks yesterday. Sigh.

Ok, my goal was to finish one block yesterday. Just one lousy block. I had about an hour and a half to play with. So I sat down, and carefully followed my instructions, checked and rechecked my quarter inch seams, and did all the proper pressing. I need to provide a quality block, ya know? So I was getting ready to press open a bunch of half triangle pieces and I called my dad. I'm chatting on the phone, and carefully pressing, and I look down and think, something is funny here. Now, I'm in the basement, and there is just one bare bulb by the ironing board and I'm thinking, this is just a trick of the light. But no. It wasn't a trick, it was my own dang stupidity staring me in the face and saying, 'HA'. I sewed one of the fabrics with the wrong side up. OMG. I spent 45 minutes carefully marking and sewing "scant" quarter inch seams (which, whoever came up with the term "scant" for something as accurate as piecing should be shot) and then cutting all of the pieces carefully apart on the lines...and it's wrong. Not even fixable wrong, just out and out wrong.

So I didn't get my one block done. I didn't have time to recreate the triangles. I have 21 days to get 16 blocks finished. Ugh.

Oh, and the only thing that kept a string of loud and vague obsenities from streaming out of my mouth was my dad asking what we are doing about our flood damage. Thankfully he can't read my thoughts. At least I think he can't.


  1. sounds like something I'd do...

  2. I love quilting too, but I'm not as talented as you are. Your quilts are really beautiful!