Monday, March 13, 2006

Those dang fates

The crafting fates were apparently trying to kill me Friday afternoon. I took the afternoon off to trot home and make truffles for the impending Bridal Shower on Saturday. I got the truffles started and during steps where I had to wait (like for the cream and chocolate mixture to cool) I went off and worked on the quilt.

I had already washed and dried the quilt back multiple times (for shrinkage and to make sure that the bright color will not fade onto the other fabrics if the quilt is washed) so all I had to do was cut it into two panels and sew them together. Simple, right?

Nope. As I said, the fates were trying to kill me.

I carefully put the quilt top out flat. Then I wanted to approximate where to cut the flannel without too much work. I folded it in half across the short side to make one long strip, hoping to see where to cut. I laid it down on top of the quilt, (luckily) all the way to one side. Hey, that’s funny, I thought. It’s not covering the midpoint. So I made some adjustments, and eyeballed it again. Definitely wasn’t covering even half of the quilt. I ran for The Husband’s tape measure. Holy Crap. The length of fabric that I spent 8.50 a yard on with the understanding that it was 43-44 inches wide was ONLY 38 INCHES WIDE. I measured it long ways, just to be sure I didn’t shrink it that much. Nope, still about the same length I bought. This fabric was labeled with a completely different number from reality. (I still have the bolt it came on, so I don’t even have to rely on my shady memory for this fact.)

After a few streams of obscenities made their way from my lips, I tried to regroup. Turns out I barely had enough (thanks to the clerk that threw in that extra six inches or so) to cut it into three panels and change the direction of the seam. Which is really no big deal. However it is a big deal to me that the fabric was not labeled correctly. I tried to call the shop to quasi-complain but they were already closed for the day. I don’t want my money back or anything. I suppose I am worried that others will suffer a worse fate than I when they realize they’ve been shorted. Or maybe I just want an apology. But I feel the need to let them know they screwed up big.

So anyway. The truffles turned out fabulous, and they were a hit at the shower. I got my back panel sewn and the layers are all pinned together and ready for quilting. Now if only I could find my quilting hoop…


  1. What the heck?! They can't measure and label? Dorks! I'd say the heck with calling them back. Instead, next time you go to buy fabric there, bring a tape measure. Measure the width of the fabric on the bolt prior to purchasing. If a clerk comes over and asks what you're doing, simply state "I'm verifying the width of the fabric." If they give you a snotty comment about their bolt already being correctly labelled, simply say "that's funny you should say that, because the last time I bought a bolt of fabric here, I was 90% of the way through my project when I determined the bolt had been mislabelled. Therefore, I am going to ensure that issue doesn't happen again." Then if the clerk continues to be all snotty with you, simply say "You know, I've been trying to give you business, because I am aware that this is a small crafting store. However, if you're going to treat me in this manner, I will have to take my business elsewhere. And unfortunately, I will be sharing my assessment of the quality if your customer service, with my large group of quilting friends." Then walk out.

    Blah. We don't have to take crap from these people. If we're treating them with respect, we deserve respect in return. Don't let them intimdate you! Their bad attitude doesn't have to become your problem!

    Chalicat climbs down off her soapbox. (((HUGS)))

  2. Ha ha! That would be fun. I do intend to complain at some point about the fabric. However I'm too nervous about quilt night to do it now.