Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1 down...28 and stripes to go

I have managed to completely quilt only one square. Yep, that is right. Just one. I am almost done with another one but I couldn't quite get it finished last night. At this rate I definitely won't be done by The Girl's birthday. The Husband keeps telling me not to worry about making it for her birthday. At this point I'm not too worried because June seems so far away. But I know as it gets closer I'll start feeling the heat. So maybe I should just say now that I don't expect it to be done. Then maybe I won't be disappointed.

Not much else new except the hole in the dining room floor. The Husband hopes to work on getting that fixed this weekend. I hope it isn't too stressful.

Today is Benito Juarez's birthday, according to my calendar. Not sure who he is but since it indicates Mexico I'm guessing he is some kind of liberator. Have a nice liberated day.

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