Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Time!

Welcome! I'm here to discuss my current obsession, or "bug", quilting. I am currently working on a project for my daughter, who will be turning two in June of 2006. The quilt is to commemorate her transfer to a big-girl bed, which may or may not happen when she turns two.
I consider myself to be a beginning quilter, so when I decided to make this quilt about six months ago I started consulting patterns in books. I found one that I liked called Black-eyed Susans. It is a rotary cut & machine pieced quilt, with nine flower blocks on a checkerboard background. The border has stripes that will hang perpendicular to the floor when it is placed on the bed. I usually do not go for flowers and frilly things, but my girl is so...girlie!

Right now I am finishing up the final blocks for the central portion of the top. I have six triangles that get set in with appliqued leaves on them. I've never done applique before and I'm a little nervous about how they are turning out. Initially I had hoped to have all of the top blocks done by the end of this month. Alas, the end of the month is here and I am still fumbling through the applique. There are four and a half more of those to go. Then I'll be able to assemble the central portion of the top.

My December goal is to get the border pieced and sewn onto the central portion. I think I can make that goal if I can just get those leaves done...cross your fingers for me!

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