Sunday, October 05, 2008

200th post winners chosen!!!

Since The Husband provided the question I let him go through the comments and choose his favorite answers. BTW, He never reads my blog so he doesn't know any of the commentators identities. Here they are:

Susan Cahill said...
What a tough question. Having an inquiring mind I did
some google searching and here is what I found:The Myth of Sunlight: Vampires
are creatures of the night, living and feeding in the darkness. In traditional
medieval times sunlight did not kill the vampire. In fact, vampires could walk
around like anyone else. In the novel, Dracula, vampires could move around in
the daytime without their strength and powers. It's only been in the recent
history of fifty or sixty years that the new tradition of Sunlight killing
vampires has emerged. Popular culture, movies and novels have made sunlight the
ultimate vampire killer. However, if you ever run into a real vampire don't be
surprised if they don't explode when sunlight hits them.So, it sounds like not
many, but who knows, maybe it just isn't reported and there are more than
reported! Boy, my brain hurts, I'd better go do some quilting.


justusseven said...
I've heard vampires aren't all that organized so I bet the daylight savings time catches them off guard A LOT!

He liked Susan's for its historical content and Justusseven's for it's humor. Marisa almost got it for the humor but then he thought she herself might be a vampire since she was trying to convince him that vampires might be nearly extinct. Quote from The Husband: "She can't fool me! I'm on to that vampire."

Thank you for playing, everyone! Susan & JustUsSeven - watch your email. And congratulations!!!

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  1. Hey! Do you have the info on that quilt quild?? I sent you an email, but I don't know if you go it.! Thanks!