Sunday, September 14, 2008

One coat for The Boy - done!

I finished the wool winter coat I was making for The Boy this past Friday. Yippee skippee! (Does anyone else remember Miss Piggy saying that on the Muppet Babies cartoon?)

Isn't that special? (Another quote that dates me.)

Tonight it is super-windy at our house due to the weather moving North from Hanna or maybe Gustav. I've already lost track of which storm is to blame. The Husband's parents called a bit ago to say they had lost power. Our lights have flickered a few times but so far it's been nothing but an inconvenience as the Kiddies are scared of the wind. My heart goes out to all of those people who are displaced, lost, injured or worse because of the hurricanes. Sigh. It always has to be something, doesn't it?

Oh. Another thing. I have recently become hooked on Project Runway. What the heck. Why did it take me so long to get turned on to it? I like sewing, right? I guess it is mostly because we only have one television at our house (we're practically in the fifties! Though it is a color model with a remote control) and The Husband is most often dominating it. If I want to watch a show of my own, I have to tape them and watch when he isn't around. Then I eventually get sick of being so far behind because he's always around and I dump them without even watching them. But lo, The Husband actually watched it with me (I think he was trying to ring up some points--if you know what I mean) and proclaimed it to be "pretty cool"! So now I can watch it without guilt and without having to make up some crazy contorted television schedule.

I know. A normal person would just get another TV. I guess you don't know me very well if you think that I am normal.

In other news, The Girl started a ballet class and she is freakin' adorable about it. And we are trying very hard to convince The Boy that Indian Guides or Boy Scouts would be a fun thing to do. And keep my mom and uncle in your prayers - in a few weeks she will be heading to Seattle to donate something or other blood-related to her older brother who is suffering through his second bout of cancer. She donated um, something from her blood a few years ago when he went through his first round. He was eventually declared cancer-free but it has unfortunately made a return trip. I am sure I have been told exactly what the thing is that she is donating but since it is technical jargon and I am terrible with names--even names that are not associated with people--I won't even attempt to say it because I'm sure I'll say something crazy-impossible and folks will wonder what is wrong with me, or my uncle's doctors.

Oh! And this is my 199th post. Look for a giveaway when I do my 200th...which should be sometime this year. Oi.


  1. I love The Boy's coat. Grammy made the coats as well as the clotehs and PJ's for my aunts and uncles.
    I did lots for my kiddles too, but no coats. Wait, I made myself a winter coat one year.

    Good going!

  2. Zegi, the Boy's coat looks great! I'm sure he loves it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your mom and uncle. That's quite a gift she's giving.

    BTW, the wind is from Ike. :-p We had quite a few tree limbs in our yard. I was amazed on how many trees were lost in the area. Those were some large winds to hit here. But of course nothing like where the hurricane itself actually hit. My heart goes out to those affected.

  3. Love the coat! It looks great!
    Hope everything goes okay with your mom and uncle! I am sure everything will work out fine!

  4. Love the coat. I just finished the Roma coat from the same issue for my daughter. Now off to work on the dennis coat for my son. Any tips? Wish they had pictures too.

  5. I found you from pattern review because I am making three, yes three, of those coats and need some help!!ACK!!! I have only made one other thing from Ottobre and it didn't have lining so I am a little confused and am hoping you might be able to help me. I have cut out the shell and made a trial run and it fit great. I started to cut out the lining and am now nervous because I didn't add seam allowances to the places that were cut away from the original pattern, does that make sense? Do I add seam allowances to everything or what? Thanks in advance for you help

  6. Shorty - you're profile is locked so I can't email you or comment on your blog :( I did cut seam allowances on all of the pieces except for the interfacing. It wasn't clear to me if I was supposed to or not. I also made a coat for The Girl with that magazine and I didn't cut any seam allowances in a (lame) attempt to size it down a bit. But that didn't work as well as I had hoped because there are portions of the pattern that need to be proportionately changed, like the arm holes. I would definitely cut a nice accurate seam allowance on all the pieces if I did it again.