Tuesday, July 01, 2008

CVS deal

I am up in the middle of the night. I'm on call and just got my third post-bedtime call. Sigh. Now even though I am freakin' exhausted I am not falling asleep anytime soon. The buzz you get from the pager going off is like mainlining a Big Slurp of Dr. Pepper.

Anyways. So I thought I'd post about a deal I got at CVS today. I happened across part of it at "Cent"sible Sawyer and I figured out the rest on my own. So here it is:

2 peg packs of Lifesavers
2 Water Babies face sticks
1 pack of Chocolate Skittles (impulse buy for The Husband. He believes all candy should have a chocolate alternative. He was not right about Skittles needing one. Blech! But the kiddies did eat them.)

Lifesavers are b1g1

b1g1 Lifesavers from newspaper insert a few weeks back
2.00 ECB

ECB bucks received:

Wee! That was fun. Can I ride it again?

Also, lest I neglect the quilting topic: I finished my June goal. It was to complete a block from the Starburst quilt. I finished it on the bus to and from the NQA show. I even managed to start a new block. 4 down, 12 to go!


  1. good job on the CVS deal! Hopefully you were able to go back to sleep after posting. :) What? No picture of the finished project!

  2. Wow that is a great deal! My grocery store clerk used to call me the coupon queen, but I haven't done as much couponing in a while. I do get those free after rebate products from Walgreens though.