Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Countdown to Anniversary-gedon

The in-law's 40th anniversary approaches. It is only 4 days away. Thankfully the sister-in-law is also making a gift and agrees that she won't be ready on the 4th, either. So probably we will make some lame "you should spend the weekend together" excuse and plan a dinner the following weekend with a few more extended family members to celebrate.

Of course we had trick or treat the other night and both the sil and mil were in attendance. This was when the mil decided to remind us all that it was their anniversary and not ours and we should not go on about getting them presents. Um. Yeah. A little late, since I just spent about eight months making you a present.

The Husband says sil is sure that my gift will upstage hers. She is having some type of photo-album book made up. I think they will both have pretty equal weight, personally. I mean, most people have no idea how much effort goes in to making a quilt so I think I'm pretty safe there.

On another note, Chalicat has gotten engaged!!! Congratulations, bestest friend!!!!

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