Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Am I really that slow?

Last night was quilt night, which was nice. I wore red, white & blue so I got the 30% off quilt items coupon. Woo hoo! Unfortunately nothing really caught my eye. I did need some new quilting needles and also a little ruler, so I spent a whopping three bucks.

Anyway. During show and tell I obviously had nothing to show because I am working on the same darn thing every time. I am starting to feel a little odd about this. I now have an urge to produce something for show and tell. I have been making slow steady progress on The Girl's quilt, but that still has months of work to go. Sigh. Maybe I should try making one of those miniature quilts, and then I could attempt machine quilting without too much guilt...

1 comment:

  1. You're not slow, you're busy. How many of the other women in the quilting group have full-time jobs and 2 small children to look after? You're making progress, it's just taking longer. You're doing WAAAY better than we've done on our candy making. Again, because you're am I. (Darn the BF.) ;)